10 Reasons You May Be Losing Your Love for Your Agency

1. You notice they don’t return your late-night messages.
Communication is key in any relationship. A quick reply acknowledging the message was received is all you ask. After all, responsiveness is just another way of showing you care.

2. Your contact is non-existent.
Handed off. Ugh. Your daily contact is now your casual acquaintance. The time spent moving ideas forward is now more for training the new contact who still can’t pronounce the name of your product correctly.

3. The magic is gone during dinner meetings.
Small talk that used to help boost ideas and build working relationships is now just awkward silences and fast, casual lunches. One drink! Really? The camaraderie built and attention to detail of your brand seem distant now.

4. You wish they celebrated with you.
Remember when your agency congratulated your promotion with a cake? Now, you’d love just a cupcake—heck, a note, a call or even a text would have been nice.

5. You feel like they’re just not that into you anymore.
Twenty-minute calls. That’s all you get now? Really? You scaled a mountain that was the 2016 media plan and now you’re confined to a call on speakerphone. It’s not entirely a cold shoulder, but the temperature has dropped.

6. You aren’t surprised by their work.
It used to be that every idea was romanticized and every campaign was embraced by the agency. Out-of-the-box thinking and strategy left you loving the direction of the work. Now, big ideas are replaced by predictability.

7. You keep waiting on them to call.
“Just checking in.” Nothing made you smile faster or feel more appreciated. You meant something to your agency. The phones have gone quiet. This isn’t a breakdown of communication, it’s a breakup of what truly matters.

8.  Your immovable dates are now movable.
You feel stood up. Last-minute cancellations or the dreaded “we need more time” is starting to torpedo the work. Mark your calendars, their time may be up.

9. You want them to commit, but they don’t want to put in the work.
The honeymoon phase ended after the paperwork was signed. The agency courted you with smart concepts, bright presentations and executional strategy. You were swept off your feet. But now it feels like you landed with a dull thud.

10. You invite them to do stuff and they skip out.
You suggest sharing the agency love with other functions of your company. They skirt the idea. When an agency doesn’t see new introductions as new opportunity, you must wonder if they want this to be a long-term relationship or just another client notch on their belt.

There shouldn’t be any love lost between you and your agency. Take our quick and easy survey to learn how your agency stacks up.



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