Jamie Gyerman

Jamie Gyerman

Associate Director, Optimization

What I do:
Translate business goals into actionable marketing plans with breakthrough results.

My self-proclaimed title:
Problem Solver.

My AKHIA color is Black and it fits my style because:
It’s elegant and timeless, something I try to be.

What are clients surprised to find out about you?
That I moved back to Cleveland.

What is your greatest strength?
I never give up. I believe there is a solution to every problem and I don’t quit until I find it.

What keeps you up at night?
My imagination.

What do you do in your spare time and how does that affect what you do and how you work?
I love to throw events and plan everything down to the last detail. I’m good at visualizing what I want to accomplish, which allows me to see the big picture but also zero in on minor details that are essential to getting me where I need to go.

What advice would you give to the 10-year-old you?
Take Spanish instead of French.

I wish I knew how to:
Freeze time.

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