Jennifer Osborn

Jennifer Osborn

Human Resources Manager

My self-proclaimed title:
Question Asker

I get social on:
Facebook and Instagram.  I’ve tried Twitter three times, and I just don’t get it.  Oh, and I use Kik and Oovoo too, but my only friend on those is my 8-year-old stepson.

What’s your career AHA! moment?
Even in college, I knew I wanted to start my own HR consulting business.  I kind of lost sight of it in my 20s though because I was so wrapped up in stress, trying to get promoted and doing exactly what my employer wanted me to do.  I started to calm down in my early 30s and not get so worked up about all of that.  The calming down allowed me to try a new career path for a short while: Sales.  I tried it, did well, but the company wasn’t right for me.  In the annual kickoff meeting for the sales department, I realized it wasn’t right and left the meeting and sat in the lobby for a long time.  I knew it was time to quit and figure out what was next, so I did.  I quit my job, without having another one, and had a mortgage and bills to pay on my own (I was single at the time), hired a career coach and did some soul-searching.  And it hit me clear as day – it was time to start my own HR consulting business, so I did, and incorporated Talentence Consulting 10 days after quitting. It was the best decision of my career.

I personally live AKHIA’s mission statement by:
Keeping it real.  Being down to earth.  Doing what’s right.  Being compassionate.  Finding humor.

What are clients surprised to find out about you?
When I don’t have to be so professional, I’m actually pretty funny.

What is your greatest strength?
Delusional optimism. I always, always look for and find the good in people and situations.

What keeps you up at night?
I’m an overachieving, type A perfectionist, so pretty much any perceived unfinished business, mistake or milestone missed CAN keep me up at night, but I’m working on that.

What do you do in your spare time and how does that affect what you do and how you work?
I own my own HR/Recruiting Consulting business, so I spend a lot of time working, but luckily I LOVE what I do, so I don’t mind.  For me, it’s important not to lose sight of family, friends, and my mental and physical health, so I make plenty of time for all of that as well.  I coach cheerleading, I work out 4-6 times a week, I’m learning how to be a step parent to two children, and I spend as much time with them, my fiancé, my family and friends as possible.  All that adds up to a really busy life, but it works for me.  The variety keeps things interesting and gets my mind focused on what’s really important.

What advice would you give to the 10-year-old you?
Don’t be such a brat to your parents when you become a teenager!

I wish I knew how to:
Act and sing well.  I’d love to be a performer!

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