Kelly OBrien

Kelly OBrien

Account Director

What I do:
Strategy and results, delivered with smarts and wits…and home-baked treats, if necessary

My self-proclaimed title is:
Mary Poppins, as I’ll often say, “It’s in my bag!”

My AKHIA color is Purple and it fits my style because:
Lifelong favorite color

I’m involved in:
Getting to know the area as a recent transplant, and uncovering bits of information and secrets about our new historic home in Hudson.

I get social on:

What’s your favorite way to interact with our clients?
Identifying and solving the big issues, and celebrating the wins!

What are clients surprised to find out about you?
I have a degree in Agricultural Science, and I use it in communications more than I ever imagined.

What’s your greatest strength?
Taking care of others

When I need to clear my head:
Food. Making, ordering, reading about, always eating.

When I need to get inside my head:
Long power walks with the infamous Chalky White, our miniature schnauzer, with his signature accessory of one ear up, and one ear down.

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