Morgan Jupina

Morgan Jupina

Account Executive

What I do:
Assist in the day-to-day needs of my account teams, manage media relations for key agency accounts and collaborate on a number of marcom projects… all while having a little fun!

My self -proclaimed title:
Little But Mighty!

My AKHIA color is Purple and it fits my style because:
Purple is associated with imagination and inspiration. It combines the warmest and coolest colors—red’s dynamic, active energy and blue’s calming, expansive spirit. Basically, it’s my whole personality in one shade.

I get social on:
TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.

What’s your career AHA! moment?
I have an “always learn and grow” type of mindset. Knowing that I will never know it ALL inspired me to buckle down in college, absorb the direction of my peers and bosses, and immerse myself in my career.

I personally live AKHIA’s mission statement by:
Being readily available to help between the hours of 8:30am-5pm. And then again from 5pm-8:30am. Always with a smile on my face 

What are clients surprised to find out about you?
I used to be the intern.

What is your greatest strength?
Finding reasonable solutions to some pretty unreasonable obstacles. Also, singing in the car.

What keeps you up at night?
My kittens. Love ‘em, but I wouldn’t advise owning nocturnal animals if you work in the PR/marketing world.

What do you do in your spare time and how does that affect what you do and how you work?
Relax with me, myself and a cup of tea. Spending time alone, even if it’s only for five minutes a day, helps me re-energize, collect my thoughts and prepare to jump right back in to my day-to-day routine (or rather, lack of a routine).

What advice would you give to the 10-year-old you?
Family first, always. Karma is real. Do well by doing good. If you don’t like coffee yet, you better get on that.

I wish I knew how to:
Speak Italian.

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