Sarah Sargent

Sarah Sargent

Senior Art Director

What I do:
Unify form and function.

My self -proclaimed title:
Design Ambassador.

My AKHIA color is Black and it fits my style because:
It’s all inclusive.

I get social on:

What’s your career AHA! moment?
Fully realizing the power and unending value of hard work, in every field.

I personally live AKHIA’s mission statement by:
Setting high expectations.

What are clients surprised to find out about you?
I am not a fan of cupcakes.

What is your greatest strength?

What keeps you up at night?

What do you do in your spare time and how does that affect what you do and how you work?
Exercise, read, draw; all help me bring more balance and additional perspective.

What advice would you give to the 10-year-old you?
Ask more questions.

I wish I knew how to:
Read music.

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