ACH 125th Anniversary Case Study

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ACH 125th Anniversary Case Study


Simple Requests Bring Big Results

Sometimes the most simple sounding requests turn into big asks with huge rewards. In 2015, Akron Children’s Hospital and AKHIA worked together to make the hospital’s 125th anniversary a year-long celebration that engaged and excited employees, volunteers and the community. The plan was no small feat and included many different elements that required creative design, event planning and project management skills.

“We loved all of the ideas AKHIA came up with and we knew this would truly be a team effort,” said Andrea Joliet, Director of Corporate Communications, Akron Children’s Hospital. “We relied heavily on AKHIA to act as an extension of our team to ensure that no details were missed and that everything would go off without a hitch.”

One of the first creative pieces developed was a collector’s book. The “125 Years from A to Z” concept was developed by AKHIA and struck a chord with the Akron Children’s team. Using ABCs to tell Akron Children’s 125-year story, each illustrated letter of the alphabet represented something that embodies the hospital.

The sculpture project, “Flowers in Our Own Backyard,” brought the celebration throughout the community the hospital serves. AKHIA coordinated 25 flower sculptures to be put on display across the Greater Akron area at various notable landmarks.

Another large undertaking was a video that recruited celebrities to congratulate the hospital on their milestone anniversary. Each celebrity had ties to Akron Children’s and the community and filmed themselves “selfie-style.”

Coinciding with the anniversary year was the grand opening of the expansion of the main campus in Akron. The Kay Jewelers Pavilion, a $60 million medical tower, features a new emergency department, outpatient surgery center, high-risk delivery floor and 75-room NICU. Three separate events were held for VIPs, employees and the community. Each event gave attendees an opportunity to see the new medical tower and celebrate this huge landmark for the hospital. For each event, AKHIA assisted with all event space logistics, entertainment and activities, logistics, agendas, collateral, food service, building tours and promotional materials.

By the end of the banner 125th anniversary year, the result was one extremely happy client, thousands of delighted and proud employees, community members and VIPs, and one accomplished AKHIA team.

Contact us to learn more about how AKHIA and Akron Children’s Hospital collaborated to create meaningful celebrations and events.

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