One Question, One Answer

One Question, One Answer

Every week, Ben Brugler sits down with a handful of AKHIAns and one thought-provoking question. From industry trends to pop-culture news, One Question, One Answer is different every week, but is always what everyone is talking—and thinking—about.

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What if PR pros wrote President Trump's tweets?

So many people love Twitter—including President Trump. In this edition of One Question, One Answer, Ben Brugler asks Mike Lawrence, Kelly O’Brien and Bridget Hagan “What if a PR person were to write his tweets?” Watch to find out how the A-team would rewrite some of his most recent tweets.

Do Agencies Have a Social Responsibility?

Whether you're an agency or a corporation, it can be tricky to insert yourself into the issues and conversations that play out in the media. This week, Ben Brugler asks our panel what role agencies should play in governing the social conscience. Watch to find out what the team had to say.

What are your takeaways from CES and IBS tradeshows?

Tradeshow season has started and the A-team has been hot on the circuit! In this episode, Ben Brugler asks Bridget Hagan and Kelly O'Brien to share their biggest takeaways from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the International Builders' Show (IBS).

20th Anniversary Growth

In this episode, Ben and Jan reflect on the growth of AKHIA over the last 20 years. What has Jan been surprised by? What were the growth challenges? What's one thing that's never changed? Find out in this One Question, One Answer 20th anniversary edition.

What Don't You Want to See in 2017?

We're back from the holidays with the first One Question, One Answer of 2017. In this episode, Ben Brugler picks the brains of Ryan Stainbrook, Emily Nelman and Olivia Tormento to ask what they don't want to see in 2017. Watch to find out what they had to say.

What's Your Favorite Holiday Gift?

In this special holiday edition of One Question, One Answer, Senior Copywriter Jason Gottshall puts the agency in the hot seat to ask, “What’s your favorite holiday gift?” Pets, Super Nintendo, Diet Mountain Dew, Little Mermaid tents, and more, top our lists!

What's Your Favorite Holiday Movie

Senior Copywriter Jason Gottshall takes over the reigns for a special holiday edition of One Question, One Answer. The question posed this time: What’s your favorite holiday movie? From Die Hard to Elf, see what the A-team has to say!

20th Anniversary Employee Superlatives

AKHIA is celebrating our 20th anniversary! In honor of that, Ben Brugler kicks off a three-part One Question, One Answer series with founder and CEO Jan Gusich. In this edition, Ben asks Jan some thought-provoking questions about current employees. Find out who Jan thinks is most likely to become a reality TV star, most likely to win the lottery (but keep working), who our funniest employee is, and more.

What's the Best Logo Ever?

Nike, KeyBank, FedEx, Bentley, Rolling Stones, Apple--what's the best logo ever? Ben Brugler sits down with Mike Lawrence, Sarah Sargent and Brittany Fillous from our Creative department to get the answer. Watch to find out what they think makes an eye-catching logo.

What Are Jan's Thoughts On Recent Crisis Situations?

This week, Ben Brugler sits down with AKHIA CEO Jan Gusich to pick her brain about some big crisis stories unfolding right now. From Donald Trump to Samsung, watch this episode to hear Jan's thoughts on some of the latest crisis situations.

What's the Deal with Drones?

Looking to get some sweeping aerial shots of your company's headquarters? A drone can get it done. In this episode, Ben Brugler talks to the drone experts from P.E.G. about the uses, cautions and myths of using drones for video footage. Watch to find out what they have to say.

What Do You Think of Facebook Messenger's Buy Now Feature?

This week, Emily Nelman steps in as guest host to ask our panelists what they think of Facebook Messenger's newest feature--the "buy now" button. Love it or hate it, find out what Kasey Bertolino, Bill Delaney and Jason Gottshall have to say.

What's Going On in Marketing?

This week, Ben Brugler goes around the world of digital marketing with Will Reed. Find out what they think of Instagram Stories, virtual reality, beacons and Blab.

What's the Importance of a Wellness Program?

This week, Ben Brugler asks Emily Nelman, AKHIA's wellness champion, "what's the importance of a wellness program?" Find out how AKHIA makes it easy for employees to incorporate wellness into their day with walking challenges, healthy snack options and more.

Are Cargo Shorts Out?

This week, Ben Brugler digs deep into his pockets of questions and asks Nicole Adduci, Kasey Bertolino, Emily Nelman, Jason Smith and Ryan Stainbrook, "Are cargo shorts out of style?" Find out what our fashionistas have to say.

What's the Deal with Pokemon Go?

From the young to the elderly, everyone is getting in on the latest craze—Pokemon Go. In this week's One Question, One Answer, Ben Brugler asks our panel of poke-experts what Pokemon Go is, why it's such a hit and what's next for the game. Watch and learn about Pokemon Go.

What's the best way to use extra characters on Twitter?

Twitter recently announced it will not count images, links or mentions in the 140-character count in your tweets. So this week, Ben Brugler asks our copywriters Jess Forrester, Mike Lawrence and Odun Ishola how they'll use the extra space. From more room to tweet to Dwayne Wade to being able to tag all of your friends, find out what these creative minds think of having more characters.

What does Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn Mean?

In this special edition of One Question, One Answer, Ben Brugler asks Will Reed, "What does the acquisition of LinkedIn mean?" Find what Will thinks of this breaking news.

One Question, One Answer: Is Slack Working?

It's our spring season finale! In this episode, Ben Brugler asks the AKHIA Executive Committee, “Is Slack working?” Find out what April Wonsick, Mike Lawrence, Angela Bachman, Nick Pfahler and Patsie Dionise think of the collaboration tool after using it for five months.

One Question, One Answer: What is the Future of Facebook?

In this week’s episode, Ben Brugler asks Will Reed, Bridget Hagan, Jamie Gyerman and Caroline Bogart, “What’s the future of Facebook?” Watch to find out what they think the future of Facebook looks like.

What Do You Think of Coca-Cola’s New Branding?

Coca-Cola recently announced a new “One Brand” strategy. Jess Forrester takes over this episode of One Question, One Answer to ask Niki Forner, Sarah Carlson and Sarah Sargent of our creative department what they think of Coca-Cola’s new branding.

What Makes Gen Z Brand Loyal?

In this episode, Ben Brugler asks Springfield High School marketing students what brands they're loyal to and why. Watch to find out what makes Gen Z loyal to a brand.

How Can You Maximize an Internship?

Ben Brugler asks Jacob Farrar (Director of The Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing at the University of Akron), Olivia Tormento and Kelsey Ellashek about how to maximize internship experiences. Watch to find out what they think companies and interns can do to get the most out of an internship.

What Digital Trends Have Caught Your Attention in 2016?

Ben Brugler asks AKHIA's new Digital Marketing Manager, Will Reed, what digital trends have caught his eye so far this year. Watch to find out what Will says.

Who is the Next World’s Most Interesting Man?

The Dos Equis World’s Most Interesting Man retired last week, leaving a void to be filled. For the winter season finale of One Question, One Answer, Ben Brugler asks, “Who is now the world’s most interesting person?” Find out who we nominated!

What Are the Creative Trends to Watch in 2016?

In this episode, Mike Lawrence takes the reigns and asks Holly Schafer, Michael McCauley and Niki Forner which creative trends they're watching this year. Watch to find out what our creative team thinks!

What Did You Think of This Year’s Oscars?

This week, Ben Brugler asks Celeste Conklin, Caroline Bogart, Mike Lawrence, Jess Forrester and Nicole Batchelor what they thought of this year’s Oscars. Watch to find out!

Do Hugs Belong in the Workplace?

Do hugs belong in the workplace? Compared to 2013, advertising and marketing executives are now saying hugs are more common and more appropriate in a business setting. Our panel, including AKHIA's resident Hug Ambassador, weighs in.

What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Moment?

This week, Jess Forrester takes over the hosting reigns and asks Bill Delaney, Mary Flenner and Mike Lawrence about their favorite Super Bowl 50 commercials and moments. What brands got their attention? Watch to find out!

Why Are Millennial Women Leaving Their Jobs?

A recent survey found that 67 percent of women said they planned to leave their jobs within the next five years. Ben Brugler asks Jan Gusich, Susan Nasca and Angela Bachman why this surprised (or didn’t surprise) them—and what they think today’s employers need to do to address this issue. Read the Fast Company article referenced here: http://bit.ly/1PNrIXA

How Can Podcasts Be Applied to Content Marketing?

Ben Brugler asks Bill Delaney, Lukas Treu and Mike Lawrence how companies can incorporate podcasts into their content marketing programs. Watch (and listen) for more!

Should Twitter Change Its Character Limit?

Are 10,000 characters too much for Twitter? Ben Brugler asks Amanda Vasil, Jessica Forrester, Ryan Stainbrook and Morgan Jupina their thoughts. See what they had to say… all in under 140 characters! #SaveTwitter

What is Your New Years Resolution for Marketing?

Ben Brugler asks Ryan Pritt (Co-founder & President of Pritt Entertainment Group), Kelly O'Brien and Jason Smith about their resolutions for the new year. Watch to find out what they think (or don't think) will work for marketers in 2016.

Is the Starbucks Cup Controversy a Mess?

Ben Brugler asks Amanda Vasil, Amber Christopher and Bill Delaney about their thoughts on the recent not-so-controversial controversy surrounding the Starbucks holiday cup. Watch to learn why we think this may actually be helping Starbucks rather than hurting them.

What Impact Does Content Marketing Have on a Business?

Ben Brugler asks Jan Gusich, Nick Pfahler and Eric Knappenberger what a content marketing strategy can do for your business. Watch to learn more about how different aspects of a business can be effected by one.

What is the Worst Halloween Candy?

Ben Brugler asks Lukas Treu, Giovanna DelGarbino, Morgan Jupina and Mike Lawrence about the candy that annoyed them the most when trick-or-treating as a kid. Watch this week's One Question, One Answer, and learn about which candy to avoid handing out this year.

What's the Worst Business Phrase?

Ben Brugler asks Ryan Stainbrook, Mady Etzel, Nicole Batchelor and Celeste Conklin what their least favorite industry catchphrase is. Watch above to hear about their pet peeves and view the Inc. article below for more phrases to avoid.

One Question, One Answer: What is the Best Part About Fall?

Since fall is quickly approaching, Ben Brugler asks Terry Buckley, Nicole Adduci, Mary Flenner and Meredith Cordray to share their favorite things about the season. Watch to see who is a fan of pumpkin spiced everything and who is dreading the season change.

One Question, One Answer: Content Marketing World 2015

Ben Brugler breaks his own rule this week and asks Amanda Vasil and Lukas Treu two questions. Watch to find out what they thought was the coolest thing about this year's Content Marketing World and what their biggest takeaways were.

One Question, One Answer: One Year Later, Did the Ice Bucket Challenge Work?

Ben Brugler asks Kelly McGrath, Kelly O'Brien, Ryan Collins and Jan Gusich what components of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge made it so successful. Watch to find out their thoughts and reactions one year later.

Who Should Be on the $10 Bill?

Ben Brugler asks Emily Nelman, Mary Flenner, Mike Lawrence and Lauren English who they believe should be on the redesigned $10 bill. Share your pick with us!

What is the Most Important Emerging Technology at Smart Summit 2015?

Ben asks Matt Rumer, Amanda Hayes, Lukas Treu and Nick Pfahler about the latest technology on hand at AKHIA's first-ever Smart Summit. Watch to learn more about these cool gadgets and gear.

What Is the Coolest Crayon in the Box?

Ben Brugler asks Meredith Cordray, Sarah Carlson and Brian Willoughby what their favorite color of crayon is. Watch to find out who has the most creative choice and who has the most boring choice.

What Is Your Do and Don't for Email Etiquette?

Ben Brugler asks Account Executive Amber Christopher, Senior Account Executive Olivia Tormento and Account Executive Teresa DeJohn what their biggest do's and don'ts are when it comes to emailing in the workplace. Watch to find out their thoughts.

What Is the Coolest Thing About the Apple Watch?

Ben Brugler asks Creative Director Nick Pfahler and UX Lead Matt Rumer what their favorite thing about the Apple Watch is. Check out the video to see what they say.

What Is Your Summer Beer Recommendation?

Ben Brugler asks Account Executive Nicole Adduci, Senior Copywriter Mary Flenner and Creative Director Nick Pfahler what their favorite summer beer is. Watch to find out what recommendation each member of the A Team makes.

How Do We Overcome the Gender Pay Gap?

Ben Brugler asks CEO Jan Gusich, Senior Media Relations Manager Amanda Hayes and Account Director Kelly O'Brien what they think the biggest obstacle is in overcoming the gender pay gap. Watch to find out.

Is the Infographic Dead?

Ben Brugler asks Content Strategy Lead Lukas Treu and UX Lead Matt Rumer if they think infographics are no more. Watch to find out.

Is Social Media in Decline?

Ben Brugler asks Change Agent Amanda Vasil, Social Media Program Manager Ryan Collins and Senior Copywriter Jessica Forrester if they think social media is in decline. Or is it something else? Watch to find out.

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